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Microcontroller development board

● Microcontroller Development Board Related Concepts

What is microcontroller development board?
Microcontroller development board is a circuit board that integrates a series of hardware components such as a central processing unit (CPU), memory, I/O devices (input devices, output devices), data paths/buses, and external resource interfaces, it is used for the development of embedded systems, also known as microcontroller learning board, microcontroller experiment board, learn microcontroller development board. Microcontroller development boards are generally customized by embedded system developers according to their development needs, and can also research and diy microcontroller development board by themselves and make microcontroller development board at home. It is an experimental device for beginners to understand and learn 51, STC, AVR and other microcontrollers.

Microcontroller is a chip which composed of CPU (operation and control), RAM (data storage), ROM (program storage), input/output devices (such as serial ports, parallel output ports, etc.), it mainly used for controlling an external electronic device to perform a specific function. (For example, connect Wi-Fi/GPS/Bluetooth and other modules can realize wireless control; connect AD interface can collect photosensors, and design a simple oscilloscope; connect with smoke sensor or combustible gas sensor can realize analog signals.) Due to the wide application of microcontrollers in electronic products, industrial automation and other fields, more and more people are beginning to study, research and develop it, so the demand for microcontroller development boards is also increasing.

Development board vs microcontroller--Development board and microcontroller difference and connection:
1)The microcontroller is a chip, which is the core device of the microcontroller based development board;
2)The microcontroller development board is a circuit board that integrates a microcontroller and some modules, can realize specific functions, can be used for learning, and has many experimental functions. The microcontroller is just a core chip on the microcontroller development kit;
3)The microcontroller development board is to integrate the peripheral devices commonly used by the microcontroller into a circuit board, and form a development system together with the microcontroller. You can control the surrounding devices to achieve corresponding functions by writing programs on the development board. so as to achieve the purpose of learning microcontrollers.

● Types of microcontroller development boards

Common microcontroller development boards are divided into 8051 microcontroller development kit, ARM microcontroller development board, ESP series microcontroller development board, Raspberry pi development board and other categories.

◆ 8051 microcontroller development kit
8051 type microcontrollers have very important applications in the automation of electronic industries such as small remote control electronic toys and large aerospace technology. In order to meet the needs of the majority of students, enthusiasts, and product developers to quickly learn and master this technology, the 8051 microcontroller development kit was produced.

8051 microcontroller development board description:
The 8051 microcontroller development kit is also called the 8051 microcontroller experiment board and the 8051 microcontroller learning board. It is an experimental and learning device for learning 8051 microcontrollers. Development board for 8051 microcontroller is to integrate the commonly used peripherals of 8051 microcontrollers (such as running lights, digital tubes, matrix keyboards, EEPROM, clocks, buzzers, relays, etc.) on a small circuit board. Easy to carry and study, plug directly into the PC, and study anytime, anywhere. In addition, some small and medium-sized projects can also be directly developed on this development board. After the development is completed, the board can be redrawn on this basis, which greatly shortens the company's development cycle and saves hardware costs.

The 8 bit microcontroller development kit of the same type as the 8051 microcontroller development kit are divided into various types, such as STC's STC89C52 series, Atmel microcontroller development kit AT89C51 series, etc. The characteristics are that the hardware control principle is explained very clearly, the learning materials are complete, the price is cheap, and it is easy to learn. Suitable for beginners, suitable for products with low performance requirements, such as remote control toys, small household appliances, and some civilian industrial control equipment. Our company mainly sells STC89C52 microcontroller development board.

◆ ARM Microcontroller Development Board

The microcontroller development kit for arm is an embedded development board that uses the core chip of the British ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) company as the CPU and adds other peripheral functions. It is used to evaluate the functions of core chips and develop products of various technology companies. ARM core has the characteristics of low voltage, low power consumption and high integration, and has openness and scalability, and has become the preferred processor core for embedded systems.

Most of the microcontroller development kits, except for the 51 core, are microcontroller development boards with ARM cores, including the processors in mobile phones, most of which are ARM core chips. For example: ARM9xx, ARM11xx, STM32xx, LPCxx, iMX RTxx and other series of microcontroller development kits are all ARM core microcontroller development boards . The main features are fast running speed, high main frequency, good performance and rich functions, which are suitable for the development of mid-end products.

Our company mainly sells STM32 microcontroller development board.

◆ ESP series Microcontroller Development Board

ESP series products are products with Wi-Fi function developed by Espressif, which are divided into three categories: chip, module and development board.

ESP series chips are wireless system-level chips with high integration, stable performance and low power consumption in the IOT industry developed and designed by Espressif.

ESP series module is a module composed of ESP chip + antenna + interface, which is mainly embedded in the product to realize Wi-Fi function.

ESP series microcontroller development board is an integrated circuit board composed of ESP module + backplane. It is mainly used to learn the hardware development and software development of ESP series modules. There are many types of ESP series development board for microcontroller. our company mainly sells ESP32 development board series and esp8266 development board series products

◆ Raspberry pi development board

Raspberry pi development board is a mini computer motherboard based on ARM chip, mainly runs Linux operating system, supports Python as the main programming language, uses SD/MicroSD card as memory hard disk, and has 1/2/4 USB ports and a 10 /100 Ethernet interface (type A has no network port), which can connect keyboard, mouse and network cable. It also has TV output interface for video analog signal and HDMI high-definition video output interface.

The above components are all integrated on a motherboard that is only slightly larger than a credit card. It has all the basic functions of a PC. It only needs to connect the screen and keyboard to be a computer. It can perform functions such as spreadsheets, word processing, playing games, playing HD video and many other features. sells ESP32 development board series and esp8266 development board series products

● Why choose our microcontroller development board?

1. Our bulk price of microcontroller development board is affordable and cost-effective.
2. There are many types of microcontroller development boards and complete functional microcontroller development board module to meet the needs of different customers.
3. Our company can customize microcontroller development boards according to customer needs.
4. Professional and technical team, answer questions at any time, worry-free after-sales.

● Application areas of microcontroller development board

The microcontroller development board can be used for the development of microcontrollers in many fields:

1. In the field of household appliances,
For example, rice cookers, refrigerators, fans, washing machines, air conditioners, LCD TVs and other common household appliances, as well as various audio equipment, niche weight scales, atomizers, etc. will use microcontrollers.

In the field of household appliances

2.Industrial control field
Microcontrollers can form various forms of control systems and data acquisition systems, so they are widely used in intelligent management of factory assembly lines, intelligent control of building elevators, and various alarm systems. They can also be networked with computers to form a secondary control system.

Industrial control field

3.Medical equipment field
Microcontrollers are widely used in common thermometers and electronic thermometers in the low-end and middle-end fields; various analyzers, ventilators, monitors, and ultrasonic diagnostic equipment in the high-end fields.

Medical equipment field

4.The field of intelligent instrumentation
The microcontroller has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, strong control function, flexible expansion, small size, and convenient use. It can be combined with various types of sensors to realize various physical quantities, such as voltage, power, frequency, humidity, etc. temperature, pressure, etc. Through microcontroller control, the digitalization, intelligence and miniaturization of the instrument are more powerful than the use of electronic and digital circuits. High-precision measuring instruments (electric energy meters, oscilloscopes, various analytical instruments). It can be applied to high-precision measuring instruments (such as electric energy meters, oscilloscopes, various analytical instruments).

The field of intelligent instrumentation

5. The field of computer network communication
The microcontroller can directly communicate with the computer by having a communication interface. For example, mobile phones, remote monitoring switches, automatic communication call systems, wireless walkie-talkies, etc., have all realized the intelligent control of microcontrollers.

The field of computer network communication

The application fields of microcontrollers are far more than the above. In addition to the above categories, microcontrollers are also used in a wide range of fields such as industry and commerce, finance, education, and defense and aviation. With the development of 32-bit and 64-bit microcontrollers, the computing performance of microcontrollers has been greatly improved. In the future, the application field of microcontrollers will continue to expand!

application fields

● How to choose a microcontroller development board?

When choosing a microcontroller development board, what you actually choose is not only a hardware board, source code and other resources provided by the development board, but also a partner who provides software and hardware services for users.

Similar to the cooperation method of software outsourcing, the cooperation between microcontroller development board users and suppliers is more of a software cooperation, which requires full communication between users and suppliers according to the specific needs of products, Suppliers should constantly call personnel to cooperate according to the needs of users.

In addition, pay attention to whether the microcontroller development board supplier can customize products. There are many types of microcontroller development boards on the market, but they may not satisfy all people. Therefore, for some customers with special requirements, a company that can make exclusive customization is the best choice.

Our company is a technology enterprise engaged in the R&D, production and sales of integrated circuit products. We have a professional team to develop products and accumulate rich experience. We can provide more resources for learning, so that customers can avoid detours. The company has a variety of products (such as microcontroller development board, microcontroller development board module and various microcontroller development board parts for users to choose from, which can meet various needs of customers, and can also be customized for customers with special needs.

If you have a demand for microcontroller development board and related products, please contact our company for more information.

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