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Best 8051 Development Board

8051 development board price:30 usd

● What is 8051 development board?

The 8051 development board is a low-power, high-performance CMOS, 8-bit STC89C52 chip-based circuit board. It is mainly used as a learning tool for developing the hardware and software of the STC89C52 microcontroller.

The 8051 development board integrates a simple function module circuit. Specific 8051 development board function include 8k bytes of Flash, 512 bytes of RAM, 32-bit IO port lines, watchdog timer, built-in 4KB EEPROM, MAX810 reset circuit, and three 16-bit timers device/counter, a 6-vector 2-level interrupt structure, full-duplex serial port.

8051 development board function are most widely used in household appliances and some remote control toys. Therefore, the STC89C52 development board is very suitable for beginners and circuit enthusiasts to learn to develop simple products.

8051 development board

● 8051 development board datasheet

Items Parameter
Model no. HC6800-EM3 A2
Output voltage 5v/3.3v dual voltage
Functional way USB powered
Download method USB one-click automatic download
Microcontroller STC89C52 Supports AT 51 microcontroller family
Display screen Digital tube/LCD display/8-8 dot matrix

● 8051 development board features

1. The 8051 development board integrates many modules, with complete functions and high cost performance. 8051 development board supports 51, AVR, ARM (STM32) 3 kinds of platform development. You can learn 51 series development boards first, then learn AVR series development boards, and finally learn ARM (STM32) series development boards, step by step, from easy to difficult learning process.

2. The modules integrated in the 8051 development board have the function of independent partition, and there are 40 module resources onboard.

3. The 8051 development board is fully equipped, with a multi-functional high-end box, humanized design, and easy to carry.

● 8051 development board components and function

components of 8051 development board

● The function and application of the 8051 development board components

No. Module Function Application
1 8*8 LED dot matrix Display images/numbers/characters, etc. Elderly mobile phones, game consoles, advertising screens, etc.
2 rectangular keyboard key Can be used as calculator, keyboard, password lock and other input devices
3 8-bit SMD LED light Realize LED running water light effect lanterns
4 STC89C52 chip 8-bit controller Microcontroller core chip, used to control various functions
5 Wireless module interface Wireless WIFI function Mobile phones, computers, cars, etc.
6 138 decoder Translate, store, have logical thinking traffic light
7 Clock chip DS1302 Clock control, can maintain the normal operation of the clock after power off computer, mobile phone, etc.
8 AD/DA digital to analog conversion Display the read value on the screen Multimeter, water meter, electricity meter, gas meter, etc.
9 Infrared receiver Infrared receiving signals are generally used indoors due to distance and environmental limitations TV remote control, Toy car remote control, etc.
10 18B20 interface, temperature control Can realize temperature acquisition and control Household appliances, water tanks, etc.
11 buzzer Alerts, music, etc. Alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones and other electronic products
12 USB powered download USB power supply, data download and transfer Android phone power supply interface
13 CH340 chip Computer USB and microcontroller serial port download and communication. automatic downloader data line
14 EEPROM-24C02 chip The data memory can store 256 bytes of data, and the data will not be lost when the power is turned off. Clock, computer and other data storage
15 Stepper motor drive + DC motor Drive DC motor, rotate, move and other functions ATM machines, inkjet printers, cutting plotters, photo machines, spraying equipment, medical instruments and equipment, precision instruments, industrial control systems, office automation systems, electric fans, robots, etc.

● 8051 development board schematic

8051 development board circuit diagram

● 8051 development board function application field

The functional modules on the 8051 development board can be freely combined to realize application 8051 development board project with practical value.

8051 development board project

1. Intelligent temperature control system (temperature check + buzzer + independent button + led + digital tube display + stepper motor), to achieve temperature detection, intelligent alarm function.

2. Multifunctional electronic clock and game console (temperature check + buzzer + independent button + led + LCD screen + clock chip + 24c02 chip), which can realize functions such as calendar, alarm clock, temperature control, small games, etc., and can also store alarm data in 24c02 chip.

8051 development board project
8051 development board project

3. Wireless control (temperature check + buzzer + independent button + infrared remote control + LCD screen + clock chip), realize control functions such as infrared remote control to adjust the clock and temperature threshold.

4. Intelligent calculator (temperature check + buzzer + independent button + led + LCD screen + clock chip + 24c02 chip + matrix button) to realize calculator calculation function.

8051 development board project
8051 development board project

5. Smoke detection alarm (AD module + independent button + buzzer + LCD screen + DC motor), controlled by AD digital-to-analog conversion, intelligent alarm.

● 8051 development board standard configuration list

Product name Quantity
STC89C52 development board 1 pc
STC89C52 chip 1 pc
Dupont Line 4 pcs
LCD screen 1602 1 pc
Infrared receiver 1 pc
USB data line 1 pc
Temperature Sensor 1 pc
crystal oscillator 1 pc
8-8 dot matrix module 1 pc
DC motor 1 pc
remote control 1 pc
Photoresistor, Thermistor 1 pc
buzzer 1 pc
8051 development board standard configuration list