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STM32 development board

● STM32 development board introduction

The STM32 development board is a circuit board using a 32-bit microcontroller developed by ST company, which is used to learn the software and hardware development of STM32 series microcontrollers.

The STM32 microcontroller adopts the 32-bit Cortex-M series core based on the ARMv7 architecture introduced by ARM, and is packaged together with some peripherals to become a 32-bit embedded processor, which is widely used in industrial manufacturing, consumer electronics, Smart home, medical and other fields.

● Our STM32 development board

1.Core M3, positioning for beginners:
This type of STM32 development board has the characteristics of low power consumption, low cost, high performance, simple operation, easy to use, and is very suitable for beginners to understand the basic functions of the STM32 development boards.

2. Core M4, high-performance processing:
The STM32 development board kit has rich onboard resources, many peripheral interfaces, strong performance, high utilization rate, and high cost performance, which is very suitable for product development for enhancers.

3. Core M7: high performance processing:
The STM32 development board has complete functions and strong performance, which is very suitable for technicians to do high-end and content product development.


Main frequency:400MHz

H750XB-H743XI Pro
H750XB-H743XI Pro

Pin: 240P-BGA
Main frequency: 480MHz

● Why use the STM32 development board:

1. Ultra-low price.
Getting a 32-bit development boardat the price of an 8-bit development board is the biggest advantage of the STM32 development board.

2. a lot of peripherals.
The STM32 development board kit not only has many peripherals and functions such as FSMC, TIMER, SPI, IIC, USB, CAN, IIS, SDIO, ADC, DAC, RTC, DMA, etc., but also the onboard pins can be connected to a variety of communications.

3. Rich models.
There are many types of STM32 development board, which can meet the needs of different customers and have many choices. (Among the STM32 development boards sold by our company, there are 3 development boards with Cortex®-M3 core processors, 3 development boards with Cortex®-M4 core processors, and 1 STM32 development board with Cortex®-M7 core processor)

4. The STM32 development board kit has the characteristics of low power consumption and high performance, and has abundant onboard resources, which can better develop the software and hardware of the STM32 microcontroller.

5. The STM32 development board price is extremely low.
The development of the STM32 development board does not require an expensive emulator, only a serial port is needed to download the code, and it supports both SWD and JTAG debugging ports. SWD debugging can bring more convenience to your design, only 2 IO ports are needed to realize simulation debugging.

● Application areas of the STM32 development board– STM32 development board projects

With the development of electronic technology, computer technology and communication technology, embedded technology is everywhere. Electronic products can be quickly updated and eliminated, and the most basic underlying architecture chip - microcontroller (MCU) in its components has contributed. At present, MCU has become an indispensable part of electronic products and industrial application solutions. The STM32 series microcontrollers have the characteristics of low cost, low power consumption and high performance, and more and more fields use the STM32 microcontroller development board to develop products. Such as industrial manufacturing, smart home, electronic products, etc.

industrial manufacturing

industrial manufacturing

smart home

smart home

electronic products

electronic products