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How to choose a development board

There are more and more development board types with the birth of various novel functions. To choose a development board that suits you, you need to comprehensively consider the microcontroller model, the number of routines, peripheral circuits, tutorial materials, and after-sales service etc. Let's introduce it in detail. etc.

development board

1. First choose the microcontroller model that suits you
The core of the microcontroller development board is the microcontroller, and different microcontrollers are adapted to different development boards, so in order to improve compatibility, before choosing a development board kit, you must first determine which microcontroller you need. And then select the microcontroller development board according to the microcontroller model.
You can choose a microcontroller according to your own product functional requirements, or you can refer to the following points:

● It is inevitable that you will encounter some problems when learning microcontrollers. It is best to have someone around you who can discuss them. You can take a look at what type of microcontroller is used the most around, which can facilitate later discussions.

● If you are learning microcontroller for a specific project, you need to buy the specific model used in the project, which can ensure that the routines and resources can be directly applied and bring convenience.

● If there is no model reference, it is recommended to choose a more popular microcontroller. The more people use it, the more online tutorials will be. Like 8051 development board and STM32 series development boards are both good choices. You can browse "Which STM32 To Choose“, “Best STM32 Development Board For Beginners” for reference. You can also browse our homepage to see more development board kit models.

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2. Prioritize the development board kit with more peripheral circuits
The peripheral circuits and onboard resources of the current microcontroller are basically similar, such as LED running lights, key input, relay output control, buzzer output control, digital tube display, IIC storage, infrared, dot matrix, motor and radio frequency communication, etc. All these peripheral circuits can be used when designing products. You can choose peripheral circuits according to your own focus or select specific peripheral circuits according to project requirements. When learning, the more peripheral resources the better, so choose a development board with more peripheral resources.

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3. Choose a development board with more routines and detailed annotations
80% of the content of learning microcontroller is learning how to program, beginners will naturally have many questions when they first come into contact with microcontroller programming, so a development board with more programs, more concise, and more comments is most suitable for beginners.
For beginners, you can learn how to configure microcontroller registers and how to control hardware circuits with programs through routines. And detailed notes can help microcontroller engineers solve many problems. Therefore, when choosing a microcontroller development board, try to choose the ones with many routines and detailed annotations.
Our development board has rich routines and related introductions about programming, such as 8051 development board program, stm32 development board programming, esp32 development board programming, etc., to provide you with strong support.

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4 Select a development board with a lot of tutorial materials
Tutorial materials refer to content other than necessary materials such as microcontroller development board schematic and programs. It can be graphic material or video material. It can effectively guide beginners to learn microcontroller step by step.

8051 development board tutorial
8051 development board tutorial
8051 development board tutorial

stm32 development board tutorial
stm32 discovery board tutorial

stm32f407vet6 development board tutorial
stm32f407vet6 tutorial

5. Choose a microcontroller development board with complete after-sales
Just like we buy other things, especially electronic products with functions, excellent after-sales service is of course a priority. It is not big relationship with the brand and sales volume, because the after-sales service of some big brands may not be perfect.
Manufacturers with comprehensive after-sales services often provide after-sales technical consulting services to help you solve various problems.

For beginners, the development board is the most useful tool for learning microcontrollers. It integrates common peripheral circuits of microcontrollers, which allows beginners to easily learn hardware circuit design methods, control methods, microcontroller registers, and on-chip resources. programming. Owning a development board that suits you is great helpful when learning microcontrollers. For microcontroller engineers, the microcontroller development board is an important tool for evaluation, verification and realization of ideas, and it is of great significance to every electronic engineer. Choosing a suitable microcontroller development board can give you a greater advantage in the development process. We hope that the knowledge we share can help you better understand how to choose a development board kit, especially when you are doing microcontroller development board buy online.