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STM32F103VET6 Development Board

STM32F103VET6 development board is a development board for embedded systems, it is an integrated circuit board developed by ST company with STM32F103VET6 as the main development board microcontroller chip. The chip has 100 pins, 8M FLASH (memory), comes with FSMC (memory expansion), easy to store fonts and pictures. The development board is equipped with capacitive keys, integrated ISP (image signal processing) circuit, and supports serial port one-click download. There is also onboard Wi-Fi (model: ESP8266), fast speed, no packet loss, no restart, very practical, very cost-effective, and the development board can be controlled by mobile APP.

development board
development board stm32

● STM32F103VET6 Microcontroller development board advantages

1. Strong configuration.
The development board kit is equipped with Wi-Fi, 8M FLASH, and can also be controlled by mobile APP.

2. There are many resources and abundant external interfaces.
It can be connected with modules such as Bluetooth, wireless, camera, infrared, etc.

3. The development board uses the STM32F103VET6 development board chip with 100 pins.
The STM32F103VET6development board makes the best use of this chip for teaching and makes the best use of it, in order to let beginners to learn more knowledge.

4. The development board has a one-click download function onboard, and the download of the program can be completed through a USB data cable.

5. The IO port of the STM32F103VET6 development board is led out, and the standard usart, iic, spi, and sdio communication interfaces are led out in the form of pin headers.

The pin distribution is reasonable, and each interface is marked with obvious silk screen. These interfaces are used to communicate with external modules and microcontroller development boards, which are very suitable for extended learning. For example, the IO port of the development board is connected to the Ethernet module.

● STM32F103VET6 development board purpose

STM32F103VET6 development board is an intermediate version of the STMF103 development board series. It adds some functions on the basis of the basic development board (STM32F103 development board (STM32F103VET6)). It is very popular in colleges and universities, and is often used as a teaching tool in colleges and universities. The STM32F103VET6 development board leads out some IO ports for users to connect modules. It is suitable for beginners to learn microcontroller development board, DIY microcontroller development board and making microcontroller development board. While learning software, it can also improve their hands-on ability in hardware.

W5500 is an all-hardware TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller, which provides a simple Internet connection solution for embedded systems, and the module can be directly inserted into the STM32F103VET6development board.
This is Connection diagram of STM32F103VET6development board kit and W5500:

development board for embedded linux

● STM32F103VET6 development board hardware configuration list

microcontroller development board

● STM32F103 development board datasheet

Size 13*10CM
PCB 2 layers, black immersion gold
CPU STM32F103VET6, 100PIN, 512K FLASH, 64K RAM
WIFI On-board WIFI, model: ESP8266, UART interface, cooperate with APP to realize WIFI wireless control
Bluetooth It can be connected with HCO5 Bluetooth module, and can realize Bluetooth wireless control with APP
Wireless 2.4G wireless NRF24L01 module can be externally connected to realize wireless communication
FLASH w25Q64 chip, 8MB capacity, can be used to store fonts, picture files, etc.
EEPROM AT24C02 chip, 256B capacity, the stored data has the function of not being lost after power failure, and can store important data, such as passwords, touch screen calibration coefficients, etc.
SD card TF card can be expanded within 32GB (including 32GB), which can be used for storage of large files, such as MP3, video, pictures, etc.
RTC transposon 1 of CR1220 battery holder, put button battery, STM32 backup power supply. When the external power supply is powered off, the storage of data in the backup area and the operation of the RTC clock are maintained.
Power input USB 5V input
Power chip LDO: AMS1117-3.3, Can output 3.3V and 5V
Fuse 1 of 500MA resettable fuse
Buzzer 1 of active buzzer, which can realize functions such as alarm prompt, music box, etc.
Potentiometer 1 of 100K potentiometer
Key 1 of reset key, 2 replacement key, 1 capacitive key, which can be used for parameter adjustment and control, etc. RST is the reset function.
LED 1 of RGB LED, 1 of power LED, 1 of WIFI communication LED, which can be used for system operation indication and program debugging, etc.
Liquid crystal display(LCD) It can be connected to a 3.2-inch resistive screen or a 5-inch capacitive screen, which can be used for liquid crystal display project development, such as human-machine touch screen, advertising machine, etc.
Serial port 1 USB to serial port (CH340) to realize automatic download function.
USB 1 USB-device interface for USB communication
Download ①: A total of 2 download interfaces, 1 SWD interface, 1 JTAG interface, (download and debug program interface)
②: Support emulators such as DAP/JLINK/ULINK2/ST-LINK/ARM-OB
③: Support serial ISP one-click download
Camera 30W color 0V7725 camera module can be expanded externally, which can realize photography, video monitoring, etc.
Temperature and humidity External temperature and humidity sensor DHT11 module can be connected to detect temperature and humidity.
Infrared It can be connected with HS0038 infrared receiver, which can receive infrared signals sent by remote control.
GPIO SDIO peripheral interface, external function module
SPl1 and SPI2, serial peripheral interface, it can make the microcontroller communicate with various peripheral devices in a serial manner to exchange information. Peripherals include Flash RAM, network controller, LCD display driver, A/D converter and MCU, etc.
I2C1 and I2C2, used to connect the microcontroller and the peripheral device serial communication mode.
USART 1/2/3, Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Transceiver Transmitter. The working principle is to transmit each character of the transmitted data bit by bit, it can convert the data to be transmitted between serial communication and parallel communication, and can flexibly exchange full-duplex data with external devices.

● STM32F103VET6 microcontroller development board schematic

stm32 microcontroller development board

● STM32F103VET6 microcontroller development board schematic

development board schematic
schematic of microcontroller development board
schematic of development board
development board stm32f103 schematic

● STM32F103VET6 development board uses --Application fields

The STM32F103 development board can be used to develop many products, such as many electrical products that we often come into contact with in real life, like smart bracelets, micro quadcopters, balance cars, mobile POST machines, smart rice cookers, 3D printers, smart hand Rings, aircraft, etc

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● STM32F103 development board (STM32F103ZET6) Shipping Standard Package List

  • STM32F103ZET6 development board
    STM32F103ZET6 development board


  • CD


  • MINI-USB data line
    MINI-USB data line


  • Component box
    Component box


  • Power Adapter
    Power Adapter


Please kindly note, it is not equipped with LCD screen, if you need it, please buy it separately

● Development board module that can be connected to the STM32F103VET6 development board

The STM32F103VET6 development board can also be connected to many other development board module and can be purchased as needed, all with preferential prices.

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