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W5500 Ethernet module

W5500 Ethernet module

The W5500 Ethernet module is a module that uses the hardware TCP/IP protocol stack chip W5500 as the main control to debug the transmission signals on the Ethernet and convert the signals into valid data that can be recognized and processed by the CPU. W5500 Ethernet module is a full hardware TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller, which provides a simpler Internet connection method for embedded systems. It uses hardware logic gate circuits to realize the transport layer and network layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack ( Such as: TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, PPPOE and other protocols), and integrates the data link layer, physical layer, and 32K bytes of on-chip RAM as a data transceiver buffer, so that the host computer control chip, only need Undertake the processing task of TCP/IP application layer control information. This greatly saves the workload of the host computer for data replication, protocol processing and interrupt processing, and improves system utilization and reliability.

Notes: Ethernet is a networking technology that connects computers by wire. It is the medium of direct connection between the computer and the Internet via a USB cable or an Ethernet cable. Communication between devices is possible via Ethernet.

● W5500 Ethernet Module Datasheet

Mechanical Dimensions 27*24*16mm
interface SPI, two rows of 6P2.54 pitch single row pins
Voltage 3.3V@200MA
characteristic Support high-speed SPI (mode 0~3); Internal integrated 32KB byte transceiver buffer; Supports auto-negotiation, does not support IP fragmentation
supporting agreement TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, arp, igmp, PPPOE, etc.
Communication and interface speed Module SPI interface up to 80MHZ. The actual speed is determined by the SPI speed and program of the master MCU
Maximum number of socket connections 8

● W5500 Ethernet Module Features

√3.3V power supply 3.3VTTL level

√Support baud rate range: 1200~115200bps;

√Support None, Odd, Even three kinds of verification;

√10M/100M Ethernet interface;

√Support 802.3 standard Ethernet communication protocol;

√Support multiple network protocols: TCP/UDP/configuration software/modbus RTU;

√Working mode: TCP Server, TCPClient, UDPServer, UDPClient;

√Adopt high-performance 32-bit processor;

√Support serial AT command mode configuration, web page configuration and host computer tool configuration;

√Support serial port package parameter design;

√Support a variety of parameter configuration methods: serial port/WEB;

√Virtual serial port driver under Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 platform;

● W5500 Ethernet Module Testing

The W5500 Ethernet Module and the STM32 development board form an Internet hardware platform. After downloading the control program to the microcontroller, it can be tested on each platform.

W5500 ethernet module test scenario 1: STM32 development board + W5500 ethernet module to form an Internet platform to connect to a wireless router, using the Android platform;

w5500 ethernet module with stm32

W5500 ethernet module test scenario 2: In the above case, a simple test under the windows system platform can also be performed, and the link test can be performed by running cmd and inputting the ping command;

W5500 Ethernet module testing

W5500 ethernet module test scenario3: Various network testing software can also be used for testing;

W5500 Ethernet module  network testing

● W5500 Ethernet Module Application Scenarios

W5500 Ethernet module application

Ethernet has a very wide and deep application in various fields and industries, which is mainly due to the high flexibility and easy implementation of Ethernet. Because Ethernet has the advantages of simple networking, low cost, excellent compatibility, reliable connection, and convenient topology adjustment, it has advantages that other network technologies do not have in terms of being a gateway for smart homes, IoT or wireless sensor networks. , which has been vigorously developed and applied.

The W5500 ethernet module is small in size and can be applied in a wide range of fields, such as computer, data acquisition, remote control network project transformation and other fields.

W5500 ethernet module Application scenario 1. Unmanned weighing device:

Using the serial port server, weighing instruments, receipt printers, gates and other weighing equipment can be connected to the local area network, and a local area network computer can be used to complete centralized control and data statistics management.

 W5500 Ethernet module  Unmanned weighing device

W5500 ethernet module Application scenario 2. Remote attendance:

The attendance machine plus the serial port server can transmit the attendance data to the server, and the attendance statistics of the offices all over the country are very convenient.

W5500 Ethernet module Remote attendance

W5500 ethernet module Application scenario 3. Remote control PLC:

The PLC adds a serial port server, and the programming software combines the virtual serial port, so that the PLC can be programmed remotely.

W5500 Ethernet module  application remote control

● W5500 Ethernet Module Schematic

w5500 ethernet module schematic