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Breadboard power supply

● Breadboard power supply introduction

Breadboard power supply

A breadboard power supply is a device that provides electrical energy to a breadboard electronic circuit.

The breadboard is used for electronic circuit experiments. As long as the electronic circuit is built, there will naturally be a power supply circuit. As long as the DC stabilized power supply is connected according to the positive and negative electrodes, it can be powered on to realize the electronic circuit experiment.

For general breadboard power supply, you can purchase a set of batteries or a breadboard power supply module, install it on the positive and negative lines of the breadboard, and then you can use it.

● Breadboard power supply type

The breadboard power supply kit generally include battery pack and a breadboard power supply module.
1. Battery pack
4 of 1.5v 5AA batteries combined, can provide power to the breadboard.

build breadboard power supply
Model Specifications 1.5V 5AA dry battery
Voltage 1.5V * 4(6v)
Current less than 1000ma

Battery Pack Features
1. Easy installation and flexible operation.
2. Plug and play, easy to use.

2. breadboard power supply module
The special breadboard power supply module for breadboard is a module that provides power for the breadboard. The output voltage is compatible breadboard power supply 5v/3.3v.

breadboard power supply module 12v
Model Specifications MB-102 Power Board
breadboard power supply input voltage 6.5-12V (DC) or USB power supply
breadboard power supply Output voltage breadboard power supply 5v/3.3v, switchable
Output current less than 700ma
Independent control Up and down two independent control, can switch 0V, 3V, 5V
Onboard Onboard two sets of 3.3v, 5v DC output pins with self-locking switch, indicator light
Voltage regulator chip 1117-5v/1117-3.3v
Size 53*27mm (L*W)
Weight 12g

● Breadboard power supply module Features

1. Good material and many styles.
2. Durable and long service life.
3. Easy to install and easy to operate.
4. Fine workmanship and guaranteed quality.

● Application of breadboard power supply module

In addition to being used on breadboards, the breadboard power supply module can also be used in power expansion such as electronic building blocks, smart cars, Arduino robots, etc. It is simple and practical, convenient for your experiment and design, and the product is ready to use.

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