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8051 development board C8051F340/F380

● 8051 development board introduction

8051 development board C8051F340/F380 is a development platform based on C8051F340 (or C8051F380), which can be used for rapid evaluation in the early stage of design. It is especially suitable for quick start of C8051F microcontroller and product development and verification.

● The C8051F340 (or C8051F380) provides easy industry-standard USB connectivity with embedded full-speed USB 2.0. The USB controller has an integrated transceiver and on-chip clock recovery. No external resistors, crystals, voltage regulators, EEPROM or other components are required.

● On-chip resources include a high-speed 8051 CPU with up to 64 kB Flash, UART, SMBus, SPI, timers, counters, and PWM generator.

● On-chip analog functions include a multichannel 10-bit ADC voltage reference, internal oscillator, comparators, and temperature sensor.

8051 development board
8051 development board pdf

● 8051 development board schematic

8051 development board schematic

● 8051 development board function

8051 development board C8051F340/F380 has below functions and features:

● Main chip: C8051F340 (or C8051F380)
● Use AMS1117-3.3V regulator chip to provide CPU core voltage
● Anti-power reverse connection design
● Provide a 5V DC power socket, which can be powered by a power adapter
● Provide MINI USB socket, which can be used as USB communication interface or 5V power supply
● Micro SD card holder, you can do SD card reading and writing experiments
● bright red LED for power indication
● blue bright LEDs, can do LED flashing experiment
● reset button
● light touch buttons, which can be used as user input buttons
● I2C
● way RS232
● Support C2 interface debugging and downloading
● Careful decoupling design, using a large number of decoupling capacitors
● Carefully designed to distribute IO ports, use 2 expansion interface sockets, common 2.54mm pitch

● 8051 development board examples

● SD card routine results (SD card needs to be purchased separately) Supports FAT files, serial port output. Our routines are written by ourselves, with FAT files, simple and intuitive, theoretically support all SD sizes, and have supported mainstream SD card sizes such as 1G/2G/4G/8G/16G/32G/64G.

8051 development board SD card routine results

● AD display example (serial port output result)

8051 development board ad display example

● AD acquisition USB upload example
Collect buttons and IO pins at the same time, and control LEDs and IO pins.

8051 development board ad acquisition usb

● LCD 1602A display example (LCD needs to be purchased separately)

8051 development board lcd 1602a display example

● LCD 12864 display example (LCD needs to be purchased separately)

8051 development board lcd 12864 display example

● Buy 8051 development board

Some people don’t know where to buy 8051 development board, actually the most convenient way is to do 8051 development board buy on line. And we are your good choice, we have various 8051 development board, each one have something different and can meet various requirements, if you want to buy 8051 development board, contact us freely.
Kindly note:
● To develop and program the C8051 chip, a C8051F emulator (8051 development board programmer) must be equipped. 8051 development board C8051F340/F380 does not come with emulator. Please purchase separately.

● The pin headers of the 8051 development board are all soldered upwards, and can be drawn out with Dupont wires for extended experiments.

● The picture is the C8051F340 development board, you can also choose to buy the C8051F380 development board. This two development boards are only different in the main chip, and the others are the same.

● Provide KEIL routines, which are simple and convenient.
The routines we provide have projects, which can be run on the single board directly after opening. Our SD card code is self-developed, concise and easy to understand. We also provide detailed instruction manuals to help you use the development board to achieve better results.

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