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8051 development board C8051F120

● 8051 development board introduction

8051 development board C8051F120 function is very powerful, it works in 3.3V mode, but all IO ports support 5V direct input! There are 8*8=64 IO ports, 8 12-bit ADCs with a maximum conversion rate of 100ksps, with programmable gain amplifiers inside, two 12-bit DACs, and two comparison inputs! It is a small system very suitable for electric games!

8051 development board
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● 8051 development board features

1. Lead out all IO ports, ADC, DAC, CP ports! That is, all ports are basically exported.

2. There are 3V and input port power on the board! easy to use! When a 5V power supply is required, the power supply voltage of the input port must be 5V, such as using a USB power supply.

3. The port is designed in a single row, and the spacing standard is convenient for you to do experiments. The whole row leads out IO or is stacked on your development board as a core board! Designed for convenience and less distraction!

4. All power ports of the chip are equipped with filter 105 and 104 capacitors to enhance its anti-interference ability!

5. 104 capacitors are added to the voltage reference! The internal reference output is also added with 104 and 4.7uF filter capacitors! Make ADC and DAC more stable!

6. Added a light-emitting diode and a button for testing and learning!

● Buy 8051 development board

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Kindly note:
1) To develop and program the C8051 chip, a C8051F emulator (programmer) must be equipped. This development board does not come with it. If not, please purchase separately

2) The general emulator downloader uses EC5, EC6, and the download interface is a standard 10-pin interface!

3) C8051F120 and C8051F020 are fully pin compatible! C8051F020/040/120 have the same pin position, so the boards are the same, please refer to C8051F020!

4) We will ship the pin header together with the development board, and the pin header can be soldered up or down. If the pin header is soldered upwards, it can be led out with DuPont wires for extended experiments; if it is soldered downwards, it can be directly inserted into a perforated board or a self-made PCB to become a part of the system. Users can weld by themselves according to their needs.

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